Spring Home Maintenance Checklist
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Each new season puts its own kind of stress on your home. The heat and humidity of a southern summer, the dry chill of winter, and even a rainy spring or fall can leave your home looking (and feeling) a little worse for the wear. Our spring home maintenance checklist will freshen up your home after a long winter and prepare it for a hot summer.

Bring out your pressure washer (or rent one). A few good storms, rainy weeks, or an ice storm or two can stain your siding with mud. No one wants to be out pressure-washing when it’s too chilly for comfort. Early spring, when things begin to warm up, is a great time to take care of your siding. Pick a sunny, clear day, and give your house a good once-over with a pressure washer. If you don’t already own one, you can purchase (or rent) a pressure washer very affordably at a home goods store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. This first step can do wonders for turning a home that might be looking a little shabby into one that seems like new.

Find your air leaks – and seal them now. There are all sorts of places where air can creep in from outside. It may not seem like a problem now when the temperatures are nice, but once you’re running the A/C you’ll be glad you took the time to make sure none of that heat is getting in. There are a few common locations you should check into; windows and doorways, the basement or crawl space, and even in the attic. If you find any leaks, seal them up (around windows or doors) with caulk. The basement or attic may need extra insulation. These options are both cost effective ways to increase efficiency – and lower your power bills.

Catch that drip before your water meter does. Spring and summer are the ideal time for garden hoses; watering plants or the lawn, running a sprinkler for the kids… even filling up a kiddie pool for Fido to splash around in. If your outside faucet is dripping or you have a leak in your hose, you may not notice for some time, and your first clue could be a water bill you can’t explain. Check all your exterior hoses and faucets for leaks now, before you really need them operating, to give yourself plenty of time to fix any issues.

Always check your air filter. This spring home maintenance task is easy to forget. After all, air filters are often hidden behind unobtrusive screens or down a rarely-used hallway. However, when thinking about home efficiency, it’s always important to check your air filter. While the packaging on that air filter you bought may say it lasts “up to 3 and 4 months”, most people aren’t living in the kind of spotless, dirt-and-dust-free world these filters were tested in. If you have a pet, work outdoors, or even just a kid on the local soccer team, your air filter may not be designed to withstand what’s being tracked in the door. Make sure you check on it once per month, and switch it out every season even if it doesn’t seem like it needs it. It’s an easy way to cut down on the pollen circulating in from outside – and in a South Carolina spring, that could be a lifesaver!

With these simple spring home maintenance items, you can take a house that is feeling a little worn-down and have it spruced up for spring in no time. We know your home is a point of pride, and we’re here to help you keep it that way. Contact Five Star if you have any questions or concerns about getting your home ready for the warmer weather.

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