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Why is it so easy to clutter up a space but so difficult to declutter it? It seems no place becomes the repository of all things unneeded more than the garage does. Can you relate?

What began as wide open square footage with space for two cars and still more room to spare, rapidly becomes stacked to the ceiling with storage boxes, bicycles, lawn equipment, old toys, and plenty of items that were put there to clear up space inside the house.

If you want to declutter your garage, take these 6 organizational tips, and go reclaim your space!

  1. Start with a clean slate. First things first… Get everything out, and we do mean everything. On a sunny day where you’ll have plenty of time to work, remove every single item from the garage (except maybe for what’s hanging on the walls and not actually taking up space). It will really open things back up and let you see what kind of space you’re working with.
  2. Ask yourself, “Will I actually use this?” Once everything is cleaned out, start sorting through and making lists of what you have versus what you’ll actually make use of. Those twelve-year-old plastic storage bins full of old toys aren’t doing anyone any good. Open them up and find out what you can donate and what is too damaged to use. Then throw away anything that can’t go to Goodwill or be recycled.
  3. If you’re keeping it, have a reason why. Don’t keep something unless you can clearly label its use and the reason you need it. Write down what you decide to keep and what you’ll use it for. This will help you avoid accidentally ending up with duplicate items later on.
  4. Give everything a place. At this point, you should know that everything you’ve kept are things you need. Now, you need to give everything its own place. Put all tools in your toolkit, not on the bench. Push the lawnmower into that open space provided for it. Keep bicycles and sporting equipment together, and so on until everything has a place where it belongs. The trick is to store related items (like tools) in the same general area so you’ll always know where to look for it when you need it.
  5. Invest in specialty storage. The right type of storage containers and equipment can save you a lot of space when you’re working to declutter your garage. For example, hang your bicycles on hooks from the ceiling, or invest in a rolling shelving unit designed to house tools. You can even pick up bins to keep sporting equipment like basketballs or footballs from rolling around underfoot, or build shelves to hold outdoor toys like sidewalk chalk.
  6. Check for hazards, and store safely. Chemicals like paint, fuel, pesticides, coolant, and others can be especially dangerous for pets and small children. Store in a locked cabinet to prevent spills or unintended contact. Never let oily rags accumulate, as they will rapidly become a fire hazard and could lead to a damaging and dangerous situation.

Taking these steps to declutter your garage can help you transform the space back into a place that’s usable. Five Star Construction hopes our tips will help you reclaim this important part of your home. We build custom luxury homes at all price points around Greenville, South Carolina and the surrounding areas and work with you from the earliest designs through construction — even after you’ve moved in. We’d love to talk to you about building you your dream home today! You can reach us by phone at (864) 303-9143 or by contacting us online!

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