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As you start to trade long, late summer nights for early bedtimes to prepare for the coming school year, it can be stressful trying to get back into a routine of things. Instead of trying to figure out what you need to do to prepare, we did the work for you! Let’s discuss a few things you can try in order to simplify going back to school, making the transition a lot easier for everyone.

 Routine Eating Times:

Mealtimes are just as important as bedtimes for kids, so be sure to get on a schedule before the first day of school. A few days before school starts, we suggest trying to ease your children back into a regular routine of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at specific times.

Calendar of Events:

While your family calendar will be slam packed most weeks, it’s an important task to create one so everyone will know what’s going on for the coming week or month. If your kids are into sports or band, be sure to schedule out practice times each month once you get their schedule from school so you won’t forget when practice is and your spouse will know where you are when they come home from work. It’s always smart to document lunch menus, class assignment due dates, field trips, and when fees are due on your calendar too, just so you don’t forget in the daily chaos.

Back to School Shopping:

Take advantage of clothing and school supply sales by beating the madness beforehand. It’s a smart idea to check into what you need to buy for your kids early in the game, if you can. Most school districts have easily accessible school supply lists organized by grade level in the entrances of popular stores. If you don’t see a list or can’t find one online, try getting the essential items out of the way that kids need every year. This same shopping style applies to wardrobe as well. When you’re shopping with your kids, be sure to remember the school dress codes so you don’t waste your time on clothes your child can’t wear five days out of the week.

Preparing Your Meals and Grocery Lists:

While you want to spend as much time with your kids as possible, try to dedicate a weekend morning to planning and preparing your dinner menu for the week. This way, everybody knows exactly what’s for dinner every night, and you can let it cook while you help with homework. It’s also smart to get a list of lunch items your kids might enjoy, being sure to remember to get them healthy foods while offering a slight indulgence. Planning all of this out on the weekend helps your weekdays become less chaotic.

Preparing Your Afternoon Routines:

After you’ve waited in the hectic pick-up line and get your kids back home, you need a plan-of-attack for maximizing the time you have between finally getting home and bedtime. Schedule out times for an afternoon snack, TV time, homework, etc. Remember your kids have been in school all day, so if they need a 30 minute break once they get home, give them a snack and some freedom to be able to decompress and refocus. When it’s time for homework, make sure the homework station is in a well lit area, there’s comfortable seating, and that there’s no distractions like phone calls, TV, or radio, so they can stay focused.

Even though a new school year is beginning and less time will be spent at home, you always want to feel good when you walk through the door. At Five Star Construction, we work with our clients to design and custom-build homes that work with their dreams and budgets. If you’re ready to come home to your dream home every day, contact us by phone at (864) 303-9143 or online at any time!

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