Should I Build A Custom Home or Purchase A Home?
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September 28, 2016
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November 18, 2016

Having a home to call your own is always an exciting time— you’ve worked hard all these years and pulling up to that dream home is just what you want to do for the remainder of your professional career and well into the retirement chapter. While it’s a good idea to sit down and write down what you want and need in this purchase, it will involve a lot of overwhelming decisions, even as an experienced homeowner. We want to help alleviate some of the pain and help you figure out if it’s more beneficial to shop for an existing home or build a new one. Let’s get started:

Building My Dream Home

What’s Perfect About Building:

  • If money doesn’t matter, you can make sure you get your exact design, from molding to brick coloring, shutters and window panes.
  • If money does matter, build with a tract home builder that will allow you to customize a few options, which will allow you to stay in budget.
  • If you are looking to entertain for the majority of the year, you’ll want a more open floor plan. We know existing homes may have some odd or irrational floor plans, so building your home will allow for you to decide what type of floor plan you’ll want from the get go.

What’s Not So Perfect:

  • Moving in takes a much longer time as the design has to be specifically tailored to match your needs, causing you to learn patience along the way.
  • Are you sure you know what you want? You’ve heard those stories before: people want rooms built one way because it looks good on paper, then when it’s built it’s not what they want, so the builders scrap the room and start fresh. This will cost you more money in the long run, so do your research beforehand to make sure everything you want in the floor plan will be what you want in reality.
  • Most people don’t always budget correctly. They spend most of their money on a trendy design and forget they have to furnish the house once it’s built. We’ve seen the For Sale signs go up in the front yards faster than it took to build the home. Make sure this isn’t you and be mindful to budget out your indoor and outdoor furnishings as well.

Buying My Dream Home

What’s Perfect About Buying:

  • Once you sign the papers, you can move in your new home almost immediately! This saves you a lot of time and no money wasted on renting in a temporary home.
  • The home is already built, so you just have to decorate, which saves you money!
  • You get to choose the home in an existing neighborhood, which means you’ll know who your neighbors are and get a sense of security before you even buy.

What’s Not So Perfect:

  • If you choose to buy an older home, you may be facing some maintenance issues.
  • If you buy an outdated home and decide to fully remodel it, you may not realize the expense of that until you’re in too deep.
  • When you purchase an older home, you may get a case of Buyer’s Remorse, where you realize you didn’t get the parts of a home that you could have gotten if you took some time to build your dream home.

At Five Star Construction, it’s our goal to be fully involved with you every step of the way in your home building process. This includes both working with what floor plans you currently have or building your dream home. If you’re looking for a homebuilder that will be with you from floor plan to move-in day and beyond, contact us here at Five Star at (864) 303-9143 or contact us online today!

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