Ways to Save Money When Building a Custom Home
Should I Buy or Build?
Should I Build A Custom Home or Purchase A Home?
October 28, 2016
New Home Construction in Greenville, South Carolina
Should You Customize an Already-Built Home or Build From Scratch?
December 22, 2016

Having a custom house built from scratch is the perfect way to ensure your home is exactly what you’ve always wanted. Just the right amount of bathrooms and bedrooms, a kitchen that fits your lifestyle, maybe even a screened-in porch to make the most of South Carolina’s gorgeous weather. Does building a custom home seem like a dream that’s just too expensive to bring to life? It doesn’t have to be! We have a few ideas on how to save money and get the custom luxury home you’ve always wanted.

Do your research. While you’ve no doubt spent a long time dreaming about what your perfect home would look like and probably feel like you’ve got it totally laid out in your mind… are you really sure about that? Visit homes for sale in your area, especially if they’re in neighborhoods you’re interested in building in. You may find an idea or even a specific piece of furniture or hardware that you realize is going to be essential in your custom home.

Don’t buy everything in one place. This trick is especially useful when purchasing your lighting fixtures — hit up different stores around town and see what’s on sale. Don’t try to buy every light fixture you need in one place. Odds are good that the chandelier light you’ve had your eye on for years is on sale at one location, but the kitchen lights you love might not be. On the same note, your perfect hardwood flooring might be more expensive in one location, but the carpeting for the master bedroom on sale. Just be ready to do some driving to get just what you need at a price you love.

Check out what furniture you’ll need in advance. You’re probably not going to replace every piece of furniture when moving to your new home, but you may find yourself needing to buy at least one bedroom or living room set regardless. We often find that our new homeowners are ‘trading up’ when it comes to space, and that the living room or bedroom sets they bring with them just aren’t made for the size of the rooms they’re moving into. Speak with your builder about room sizes and make a list of what furniture you’ll need to purchase, then set aside part of your overall budget just for that. You won’t panic about the cost of things, and you’ll be able to take your time checking out sales since there won’t be a pressure to buy fast.

Hire the right builder. This is the most important tip, and we can’t stress it enough. The wrong builder may overcharge you or be unable to finish projects before running them wildly over budget. You may see your framework go up and then your builder just… vanishes into thin air. Make sure you choose to work with a long-time builder you know you can trust. They’ll help you save on costs without sacrificing your dream.

That’s Where Five Star Comes In.

At Five Star Construction, it’s our mission to ensure that your custom dream home is perfect from start to finish. Whether you’ve already got blueprints in hand or you haven’t gotten any farther than some notes jotted down on a napkin, our Design Center is prepared to make sure everything is perfect before you ever break ground. We’ll work with you to create custom plans and you’ll have a full plan in place before money ever changes hands. If you’re looking to build a home to your specifications in Upstate South Carolina, we’re here to help! Give us a call at (864) 303-9143 or contact us online to get started today!

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