3 Unexpected Features to Include in Your Custom Home Design
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February 17, 2017
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One of the most enjoyable aspects of designing a new custom luxury home for our clients is helping them pick and choose the little details that make their new home truly one of a kind.

One question our clients often ask is about what sorts of unusual or unexpected features they might add to their custom floor plans in order to make their house as stress-free and luxurious as possible without breaking their budget. We have a few ideas you may want to incorporate into your own home.

1. Out-of-the-Way Outlets

This is one of the best ways to ensure you have plenty of plug-in space for appliances, lighting, entertainment, and just about anything that runs on your home power system. Our favorite spots to install outlets that keep them out of the way (and above the reach of babies and toddlers, if you’ve got young ones at home) include:

  • Underneath the cabinets in your kitchen, just above the countertops
  • Inside of drawers, just as the back (a great way to make use your ‘junk drawer’!)
  • Behind hidden ‘panels’ built into the wall
  • Built into the back of your bathroom cabinets/mirror
  • High up on the wall (this will necessitate wall-mounted TVs)

Utilizing your space this way keeps the outlets high out of reach of little hands, and can also provide you with the extra outlets you need without sacrificing the aesthetics inside your home.

2. Mudroom or Entryway With Outdoor Washing Station

Are you the outdoorsy type who spends a lot of time out in your garden, hiking in the mountains, or your family is involved in sports activities like soccer, softball, or other active pursuits? Invest in a mudroom with a washing station!

A ‘mudroom’ is a kind of small entryway, often utilized at the back of the house or near a side-door entrance to the home, where your family can come in and divest themselves of muddy shoes, sports equipment, and other items that might track dirt and dust into an otherwise-clean home.

Ask for a mudroom to be added into your floor plan when you work with our Design Center. If you own a dog or your hobbies can get you really muddy, a washing station is a good addition to the space! You can use it to rinse muddy workboots or gardening equipment, and it’s a great place to give Fido a bath (so he’s not dirtying up bathtubs meant for the human members of the family.

Mudrooms are a great customization for your home, and they’ll make up in convenience what they take from your square footage in other rooms.

3. Heated Floors

You may be surprised at this suggestion, since it seems like such a luxury, but did you know that heated tile floors can actually save you money?

When cold strikes in the winter, many of us shiver getting out of the shower or feels our toes get cold on chilly hardwood floors. Heated flooring, on the other hand, keeps your feet warm, which translates into your whole body feeling a little more comfortable in the cold, too.

Many of those who invest in heated floors discover they’re able to maintain a lower overall temperature on their thermostat, because they’re simply not uncomfortable cold even at temperatures that would have bothered them before.

If you’re not certain about the whole house, at least consider heating floors in the bathrooms. They’re an unexpected comfort that your whole family will appreciate.

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