Should I Choose a Brick Exterior for my Custom Home Design?
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June 15, 2017
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August 17, 2017

Whether you’re in the early stages of designing a custom home, or you have a floor plan in-hand and ready to go, odds are good you have specific details about your home design that you consider “must-haves”.

This might include Craftsman-style interior details, an open floor plan that combines kitchen and living spaces, or even exterior details like a wraparound porch. Many homeowners, especially those with young families, dream about details from their own childhood residences, updated to match modern sensibilities..

One of the most common details that new homeowners ask for is brick exteriors! While they were a big trend in the 70’s, they’ve continued to be a mainstay in home design. Relatively inexpensive, durable, and inherently personalized, brick is a great go-to choice for custom home construction in South Carolina.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I choose a brick exterior for my custom home design?”, the answer may very well be an emphatic yes!. Here’s why:

Brick Exteriors are Perfect for Custom Homes in South Carolina

You’ll see a lot of homes built with red brick exteriors in South Carolina, especially here in the Upstate, and there are a few good reasons for that!

First, it’s easy to source brick from fairly close to the construction site, so it often ends up a cheaper option. This may not always be true, depending on the type of brick you choose, but it’s one of the reasons ranch-style homes with red brick are so common here!

Secondly, the variation in color and texture available means that even if every house on the block utilizes brick in their exterior, too, no two homes will look exactly alike.

Third, and to us most importantly, brick provides sound muffling, heat protection, and fire resistance qualities that can’t be beat. High-quality brick is fire-resistant, helping keep house fires from spreading — and when properly prepared will match the maximum rating of 6-hour flame resistance. It also provides some sound muffling properties, so that crying baby or barking dog is less likely to wake up the neighbors.

Brick’s heating efficiency qualities can’t be overstated, either. In South Carolina, our humid summers can have you dreading having to go out into the hot outside air. Brick helps to reduce the amount of power needed to keep your home comfortably cool in the summer by letting less of the sun’s heat make it into the interior of your house. In the winter, brick will actually help keep heat within your home by letting less air escape!

Finally, brick remains essentially the most durable home construction material for exteriors that is still in common use. Brick homes last, and their protective and aesthetic properties alongside their fairly inexpensive cost makes them a perfect choice for a custom luxury home design in Greenville, South Carolina.

Choose Five Star to Bring Your Dream Home to Reality

At Five Star Construction, we’ve been here for decades helping bring to life the perfect home you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you have floor plans in hand, or all you have is a few must-haves written out on a napkin, our Design Center will help ensure that your final custom floor plan is perfectly suited for your family and lifestyle! Check out some of our previous work or give us a call to learn more at (864) 303-9143 — or send us a message online!

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