What Can I Add to a Custom Home Design to Support Health and Wellness?
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One thing that has definitely changed when it comes to the priorities many people have when dreaming of their ideal custom home design in South Carolina is an increased emphasis on a home that will help them stay healthy.

What are some home features that encourage health and wellness that you can add to your custom home design in Greenville, SC? We have a few great ideas:

First — Prioritize Your Fitness Routine

While many people maintain a regular gym membership, others may feel more up to getting their exercise closer-to-home. When choosing your lot location, consider looking into developments or areas that are more walkable, so you can spend more time outdoors while you’re jogging and not be trapped on a treadmill.

Check into your desired community and see what options they have for you. Some neighborhoods may have a community fitness center, pools available for use by neighborhood residents, tennis courts, or other options to help your family stay active.

For those who love to lift weights, do yoga, take on pilates, or other workouts inside, it’s worth it to invest in adding a fitness room. This could be located in your basement or on the main level of the home. While the room won’t need to be particularly large, it should be able to fit any fitness equipment you have, as well as having space for you to move freely during your exercise routine.

Consider Health-Focused Flooring Options

Recently, flooring brands have been working on developing hardwood floor options that work just as hard to clean the air in your home as they do to provide a comfortable place to walk. Lauzon’s Titanium Finish helps to break down contaminants in the air.

This is a relatively new option for hardwood flooring, so keep an eye out for more brands releasing similar products in the future. If you’ve committed 100% to building an environmentally-friendly luxury home for your family, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Make Morning Coffee (Or Your Evening Meal) A Regular Event Outside

It’s easy to say that of course you have a “connection” to your outside space — after all, you have a door! Despite the many proven health benefits of time spent enjoying nature, many of us who genuinely intend to spend lots of time outdoors find ourselves defaulting to dinner at the dining room table even on the most beautiful days of the year, simply because there’s just nowhere to comfortably sit and relax outside.

Consider building a space for dining, entertaining, and simply spending time together throughout your backyard.

Add a set of cozy, comfortable chairs to a spacious front porch design and make an effort to spend each day sipping your morning coffee while watching the sun rise. Adding a screened-in porch to the back allows you have dinner outside each beautiful day, even at the height of mosquito season. A firepit, garden area, or other gathering space further into the backyard can help you get your fresh air in even during cooler fall and winter months.

Have You Considered Zero-VOC Interior Paint?

Switching up the type of interior paint you use is one of the easiest and most cost-effective health and wellness measures you can take in a new home. Sherwin William’s ProMar line boasts zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it one of the most health-friendly interior paints available on the market. Volatile organic compounds have been linked with various health issues, and women who are expecting and very young infants are advised to avoid fresh paint in order to minimize their exposure to VOCs. With these zero-VOC paint options available in primer and in the interior color of your choice, you can breathe easily — and so can your family.

Many other paint brands also offer low-VOC or no-VOC options, so you’re able to choose the best option for your family without sacrificing your dream. Are your walls already painted? Covering that up with low- or zero-VOC can help keep those volatile organic compounds from being released into the air in your home.

Let Us Make Your Healthy House Dream a Reality

At Five Star Construction, we’re with you every step of the way — from those first scribbled designs through move-in day and beyond. Our Design Team is happy to help you develop your ideas into a full-fledged custom floor plans to help you turn your ideas into a custom luxury home you’ll love for years to come. Give us a call at (864) 303-9143 or contact us online today!

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