Should I Build My Custom Home in a Planned Community?
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October 5, 2018
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New homes built in a planned community in South CarolinaThere’s a reason for the old real estate adage, “location is everything.” Even the most beautiful house, if built in the wrong location, will end up with you and your family simply unable to enjoy the home you’ve worked so hard to see brought to life.

For some individuals, building a custom home in South Carolina may be all about finding land out in the country, far away from neighbors and with plenty of isolated peace and quiet. For others, all that isolation becomes boring and lonely.

One option homeowners have is to buy land in or sign on to a planned neighborhood or community development. There are some pros and cons to this option, but it’s worth taking a closer look to see if it would be right for you.

Should I Build My Custom Home in a Planned Community?

Neighborhood developments have a lot to offer — but they have some drawbacks, too.

First, the pros: You’ll often find neighborhood amenities you simply won’t have access to if you build out by yourself. Many neighborhood developments maintain fitness centers with exercise equipment, neighborhood-only dog parks where your four-legged family members can safely roam off-leash, community pools, and even clubhouses to host birthday parties, baby showers, and other events.

You’ll also have neighbors on-hand watching out for you. If you choose to build your custom home in a planned neighborhood development, you’ll likely have neighbors close by. Not only will you have opportunities to meet your new neighbors, you’ll likely see them at neighborhood events and be able to keep an eye out for each other or be able to ask for help if needed. For instance, your neighbors might be able to keep an eye on your home while you’re on vacation, and let you know if anything unusual happens while you are gone. You may find a babysitter right in the neighborhood who can pop by to allow you to head out for the night, or just have new friends to invite over for dinner.

Finally, you’ll be able to trust that certain visual standards are met. Neighborhoods usually maintain a certain required standard for outdoor landscaping. Grass needs to be mowed every so often, fences repaired or repainted, perhaps even certain standards and restrictions on landscaping around the front path or driveway. For some homeowners, this is reassuring, since they know they won’t need to worry about the possible effect it can have on property values when homes or yards in a neighborhood are neglected.

There are some downsides to building a custom home in a planned neighborhood, however.

There may be limits as to just how custom your custom home can be. The same standards and restrictions that control landscaping options or how often the lawn is mowed could also be applied to choices like what color your front door is painted or even whether or not you’re allowed to choose a brick or siding exterior for your home.

For a homeowner looking to build a truly custom option, this can feel like an imposition.

Neighborhood amenities also generally involve neighborhood HOA fees. Maintaining a fitness center, community pool, clubhouses, and dog parks all cost money, and the Neighborhood Association will likely recoup that money by charging residents “Homeowner’s Association”, or HOA fees. These fees can often be a large extra cost tacked on to your mortgage, so if you’re considering moving into a neighborhood, be sure that you’re comfortable with the monthly HOA fees before you do.

Finally, you may feel a bit too connected to your neighbors. Are you the type to resent “nosy neighbors” that want to chat in the morning when you’re just trying to drink your first cup of coffee, or who ask you about changes they’ve noticed, such as adding new siding to the house or buying a new car? A planned neighborhood may not be the best option for you.

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