Building a Disability Accessible Custom Home Without Sacrificing Design
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Kitchen in Disability-Accessible HomeOne of the benefits of building a disability-accessible custom home in South Carolina is being able to adapt the design to suit your lifestyle and needs without having to rely on after-the-fact repairs or changes that might be visually unpleasant or chip away at your dream home’s curb appeal.

Individuals and families who require a disability-accessible home should not feel forced to skimp on design in order to add functionality to their custom home. After all, this is your dream home — you deserve style and comfort in every room.

How Can You Build a Disability-Accessible Custom Home in South Carolina Without Sacrificing Design?

Ways to build a comfortable home for an individual who needs some adaptations go far beyond tips like ‘stick to a single-story home.’ We have a few other pieces of advice to help you get started.

Start With the Front Entrance and Rethink Tradition

No, you don’t need to build a ramp to take the place of the traditional entry staircase. Instead, a gently curving, slightly sloped concrete walkway can perform the same duties and still nicely mesh with your entry design. With a bit of landscaping and a clean look, you’ll be able to get in and out of your home easily and still have a show-stopping front door.

The interior of the home’s front entry should also be generously spaced and avoid clutter. Think of the entryway as its own room, rather than simply a way to get into the rest of the house.

Add a bench and some wall-hooks to the side to make it easy for guests to remove and stash their shoes or other belongings without making entry or exit more difficult.

”Open-Concept Design” Can Help Provide an Easy-to-Maneuver Space

While many individuals feel like the “open-concept” design is a fad or a trend, this way of designing a home can help disabled individuals move between rooms more freely. In open-concept plans, traditional barriers between main living areas are removed, leaving a free-flowing space that includes kitchen, dining, and entertaining spaces in one large room.

For Bathrooms, Combine Accessibility With Style

For older family members or those who have difficulty stepping in and out of bathtubs, a separate standing shower could be installed in place of a tub or even alongside one. Some standing showers even come with benches for added comfort. We like this type of design to provide disability-accessible showers that still look up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing.

Custom Doorways Add Space and Ease of Movement for Everyone

While sitting down with your architect or designer during your initial meeting, we recommend asking about larger-than-standard doorways. For those who rely on a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility aid to get around the house, larger doorways help them feel more comfortable and less like they are always trying to move around a house that wasn’t ‘made’ for them.

Finally, Design Generous Outdoor Spaces

While second-story decks are often popular, they might leave one member of the family merely a spectator to time spent out in the backyard. Instead, consider investing in a patio space that extends seamlessly from the back door for entertaining guests.

Looking to Build a Disability-Accessible Custom Home in South Carolina?

Homes built to be easily accessible to disabled individuals have specific needs that must be met, and you need a reputable custom home builder prepared to truly listen to your concerns. At Five Star Construction, we have nearly three decades of experience in the custom home industry, and our Design Center is ready to sit down with you design and build a disability-accessible custom home in South Carolina that that perfectly suits the needs of every member of your family.

To speak with one of our builders today, give us a call at (864) 303-9143 or contact us online at any time.

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