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Photograph of kitchen cabinets with clean countertops and lots of storage spaceOne of the reasons homeowners choose to invest in a custom home design is to be able to live in a space that includes all the “must-haves” that many go without when settling for a home someone else has already lived in. One common theme we’ve noticed from homeowners is the need for a streamlined look that minimizes clutter, even in busy households with young children. Yet, when our Design Team sits down with these prospective homebuyers, they rarely ask about unique or unexpected storage ideas that could be added into their overall home design.

There are a few fun ways to include added storage into your home that doesn’t rely on a large, otherwise empty attic or basement space. We’d like to give you a few ideas to get you thinking about how to add extra storage to your custom home design:

5 Ways to Add Extra Storage to a Custom Home Design

1. Ask Your Custom Home Builder to Find Extra Storage Space in the Floor Plan

Since most individuals working with custom home builders aren’t familiar with floor plans and architecture details, it can be tough to just look at a blueprint and try to find space to add storage — and waiting until the walls are already up may be too late.

Sit down with your builder or architect when you’re still in the design and planning stage of the home building process and ask them to evaluate your floor plans to find areas to add extra storage. The builder may be able to simply look at the floor plan and tell you where empty and unused wall space can be transformed by turning it into built-in shelving, closets, or a pantry without changing the overall usability of the room or the aesthetic ‘look’ that drew you to the plan in the first place.

2. Expand Your Pantry to Downsize Your Countertop Needs

Rather than relying on kitchen cabinets and countertops to hold anything and everything, emphasize the need for a large walk-in pantry with lots of shelving. If you’re able to keep your toaster, blender, coffee supplies, spices, and dry goods in the pantry, they won’t clutter up your countertops or cabinets, and your kitchen will be easier to clean and look and feel like an even larger space.

Keep your cabinets free for dishware, drinking glasses, and other essentials. When company’s over, you can simply close your pantry door, wipe down the countertops, and be ready to entertain.

3. You Need More Closets Than You Think

Most people, when asked how many closets they need in a home, will have a pretty simple answer — one for each bedroom, a coat closet, and a linen closet. We’re here to tell you that you’ll likely want more than that for optimum convenience and comfort in your custom home.

We find it’s best to have a coat closet near the front and back of the house, a linen closet or large storage space in or near each full-size bathroom, a closet for each bedroom, and potentially one more in a hallway or other out-of-the-way space.

This way, you won’t find yourself wanting for more closet space when guests are over and the coats and shoes pile up — you’ll already have it.

4. Add a Mudroom to Keep Your Home Interior Clean

We’ve heard before that many homeowners assume mudrooms are useful only if you have small children, outdoor pets, or like to garden. We find mudrooms come in handy regardless of what your household looks like.

Mudrooms provide extra storage space for muddy shoes, raincoats, umbrellas, and other clothing designed to be worn in inclement weather. Add in a closet and you’ve also got a good spot to store temporary clutter when needed.

Mudrooms help keep dust, dirt, and outdoor debris out of your home’s interior, keeping things easier to clean.

5. Don’t Forget Bathroom Storage Space

Okay, we admit it — we’ve watched HGTV a time or two. One thing we’ve seen over and over in house-hunting shows is bathrooms absolutely devoid of storage beyond the bathroom counter by the sink.

If you’re not a fan of under-sink cabinets (and we know some people aren’t), consider asking the builder to find space for a closet in the bathroom. Just a small linen closet is fine, somewhere to store extra towels, blow dryers, flat irons, even extra soap or other toiletries.

Keeping all those small bottles safely stored away will make even a small bathroom seem twice as large, clean, and bright.

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