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The process of building your very own custom home can be very exciting and fun — that is, until you get caught off guard by hidden custom home costs. As with any large project, building a custom home comes with a lot of variables, but cost doesn’t have to be one that’s unanticipated. A trustworthy builder will take into account the lot you’re building on, the materials you want to build with, and the different upgrades available to you.

Unfortunately, there are many builders out there who try to hide these additional custom home costs until after you’ve already committed to working with them.

When choosing a custom home builder to construct your dream home, it’s important that you have a full picture of the potential costs beyond the base price. A good and honest custom home building company will show you these expenses upfront, but if you’re ever working with a builder who doesn’t, knowing what potential hidden costs to ask about will save you surprises down the road. In today’s article, we’ll go over the top 3 custom home costs that builders often try to hide.


In addition to the actual cost of building, you will need to factor in lot costs. The cost of your lot can vary depending on size, location, and the condition of the land. Furthermore, the condition of the lot can also determine the type of home you build. Make sure you get an accurate explanation of what lot you will need for your desired home and discuss the costs with your home builder.

Site Development

After you’ve picked out the lot you will build your home on, the land will need to be prepared for the build. This process is called site development, and it’s not free. The cost is dependent on the type of soil as well as any obstructions that are found during the development process. Because it’s impossible to know what obstructions there are without actually beginning the development process, the cost of site development can vary considerably.

Typically, a home builder will estimate a range and allocate a budget for site development. You should make it a point to be aware of what that budget is. A good home building company will readily provide you with their estimate and do their best to keep you updated on the process.

Upgraded Building Materials and Appliances

Once the land has been prepared for construction, the really fun part begins! You’ll be able to decide on things like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and high-quality cabinet finishes. A less than honest builder will keep the costs of these upgrades hidden until the very end of the project, and if you aren’t aware of them, they can blindside you. Working with the right builder and keeping yourself informed of the costs of these upgrades will allow you to make the best decision for your future home and your budget.

Now that we’ve gone over the top 3 hidden expenses of building a custom home, you should be better prepared for the custom home building process. Are you still looking for a builder to work with? Give Five Star Construction a call! We work with individuals in Upstate South Carolina to build their dream homes. Our homes are the highest quality construction, and we keep you well informed throughout the entire process! Schedule a consultation with us online to get started today!

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