Must-Have Features for Your Custom Home in South Carolina
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August 12, 2019

Building a house is an exciting new experience, and building custom with custom home features allows you to express your personality in a unique way.

Thanks to non-stop HGTV reruns and ever-growing Pinterest boards, many homeowners lose themselves in inspiration overload. We wanted to help by focusing on some must-haves when thinking through the foundation of your custom home in South Carolina — the interior details can wait. Here are our top four must-have custom home features for your new build.


Mudrooms serve as functional spaces that connect your home to the outside. These custom home features provide extra storage space to hold things like jackets, shoes, and book bags. Placing your outerwear such as dirty work boots and coats into your mudroom helps keep dirt out of the house. If you have space, you can even have a pet shower and utility sink added to your mudroom. The utility sink makes it easier to wash dirty hands, your pet’s paws, garden tools, and any other tools you might need for bigger projects.

Mudrooms help you stay organized, making it easier for you to find things instead of digging in your couch or going through all the mail stacked on your island. Whether all you need is a small cubby space or a full-size mudroom, you’ll love the functionality this custom home feature provides.

Outdoor eating space

One of the many reasons to love South Carolina is its mild climate year-round. An outdoor eating space is the ultimate custom home feature for soaking up refreshing summer mornings and autumn afternoons.  When you customize your outdoor eating space to fit your lifestyle, hosting family gatherings becomes a breeze with the added space and value it brings to your home.

Enjoying the outdoors gives your mental health a nice boost and has been proven to have calming effects on the mind and body. Who doesn’t want to wake up to a nice cup of coffee and enjoy a few minutes of quiet time? Or, why wouldn’t you want to end a long day curled up with a good book while overlooking your property?

Radiant heating

Radiant floor heating and cooling enables warming and cooling rooms from the ground up. This process results in even, balanced temperatures that help keep you comfortable year-round. This type of system is more efficient and cuts down on energy costs.

Radiant heating is better for families with allergies because it doesn’t circulate allergens throughout the air. Before you decide if this custom home feature is a good option for your home, though, you will want to talk to your custom home builder for expert insight.

Natural light

There are many physical and psychological benefits of having natural light in your home. Not only does it help with white blood cell counts, but it reduces the production of harmful bacteria and organisms growing in the home. Studies have shown that natural light can create a more energetic, optimistic environment which can boost moods and strengthen organs.

Not only is natural light a benefit to you, but it’s also a benefit to your environment. By increasing your home’s exposure to the sun with modern, thermal, energy-efficient windows and doors, you’re creating a healthier, happier, more comfortable and more sustainable home.

Building Your Custom Home in Greenville, SC? Call Five Star Construction!

At Five Star Construction, it’s our goal to be fully involved with you every step of the way in your home building process. This includes both working with what floor plan you currently have or building your dream home. If you’re looking for a home builder that will be with you from the floor plan to move-in day and beyond, contact us here at Five Star at (864) 303-9143, or contact us online today!

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