Meeting With Custom Home Builder in Greenville, SCOne of the things that sets us apart from other custom home builders in Greenville, South Carolina is the way we work with our clients right from the beginning — whether they come to us with a fully-finished floor plan or just a few scribbles on a napkin, our Design Team is on-hand to turn your dream into a reality.

When it comes to working with a builder on custom home designs, and we have five pieces of advice we think you’ll find invaluable:

What Can I Add to a Custom Home to Support Health and Wellness?One thing that has definitely changed when it comes to the priorities many people have when dreaming of their ideal custom home design in South Carolina is an increased emphasis on a home that will help them stay healthy.

What are some home features that encourage health and wellness that you can add to your custom home design in Greenville, SC? We have a few great ideas:

Christmas in Greenville, SC : Entertaining in your new luxury custom home constructionOne of the main requests we receive from clients when helping to design their custom luxury home in Greenville, South Carolina, is that they want more space to entertain.

Now that you’ve moved into your new home, you may wonder how to make sure your first holiday party goes off without a hitch. We have some suggestions for making the most of the holidays — whether you’re planning a Christmas party, looking forward to New Year’s Eve, or for any other holiday this season.

custom home greenville south carolinaMany people looking forward to building a custom home in Greenville, South Carolina, already have a floor plan in mind. Perhaps they’ve been looking through Southern Living’s excellent floor plan collection or spent some time googling things like “Craftsman home with mother-in-law suite” until they located what seemed like absolute perfection.

These individuals sit down with members of our team in our Design Center, excited to see their dream come true, only to realize that the floor plan they’ve chosen will cost more to build than they originally budgeted.

What can you do if you find out your home’s floor plan is too expensive to build within your budget? You’ve got some options, and we’re here to help.

Can I ask an architect to alter my home design?While our Design Center is always happy to help our clients put together a floor plan from scratch for their custom luxury home in Greenville, South Carolina, we meet with many clients who have already located a floor plan they love… except for a few little (or big) details here and there.

Wondering about whether or not you can ask a builder to alter a floor plan? We’ve got the answer.

The Short Answer is Yes. The Longer Answer is Yes, But…

Copyright law stipulates that floor plans are the property of the home designer, architect, or firm that produced them. If you find your dream floor plan over in Southern Living’s excellent floor plan collection and purchase them, you’re buying the rights to either review the floor plan in better detail, or to use their intellectual property to build a single home.

Most online floor plan collections will include an option to contact the home designer or architect about customizations and alterations, and that architect will often be willing to make your requested changes for an extra fee.

However, since all of this is done online, you’ll be at a disadvantage: it can be much harder to communicate effectively about such a visual process when you’re relying on emails and other digital communications. When it comes to making modifications to existing floor plans, it’s worth giving a local custom home builder a call to have these conversations face to face, where you can describe your vision in greater detail or even throw out a few sketches to help lay out the modifications you need.

Note: it’s important to make sure that the floor plans you’ve purchased include the rights to build the home design! Many sites sell “review only” copies for a smaller price, but those do not include the rights to build the home, only a copy of the plan for review. Please take the time to double-check and ensure that the plans you are purchasing come with the right to modify if needed and build the home.

Can Five Star Construction Modify Existing Floor Plans?

Absolutely! We’d be happy to make modifications to a floor plan you love that help ensure your custom home is designed to be ideal for you and your family.

If you’ve found floor plans you absolutely adore online, but you need either minor or major modifications, our Design Center is happy to help! Make sure the floor plans that your purchase include reproducible rights (for minor modifications) or CAD files (for major modifications). These will almost always be clearly available options when you buy the plans themselves. If you’re not sure, let us know where you located the floor plans you’re interested in, and we’ll help you be sure you’re buying the right set.

At that point, you’ll sit down with members of our Design Center team to discuss the changes you’d like to make. Adding on a bonus room or taking part of the “mudroom” space to turn into a laundry room isn’t as simple as a few new lines on the paper — it also involves considerations about potentially having to move heating and air ductwork or adding new plumbing lines into a space not originally designed to have them.

We’ll work with you to ensure these changes are made safely and still reflect your dream of your perfect custom-built home.

Building a Custom Home in Greenville, South Carolina?

Give Five Star Construction a call! We have decades of experience helping Upstate individuals and families bring their luxury home dreams to life, and we’ll be with you from that first consultation through moving day and beyond. Give us a call at (864) 303-9143 or contact us online at any time to request your consultation with our Design Center Team!